Audi TT CoupeGentex Corporation, the leading supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors to the worldwide automotive industry, announced today that it has begun shipping a three- mirror, automatic-dimming mirror system for the 2007 Audi TT Coupe.

The Gentex auto-dimming mirror system causes all three rearview mirrors to darken automatically in response to the headlamp glare of rearward-approaching vehicles. The brighter the glare, the darker the mirrors become, making nighttime driving safer.

The three-mirror system is optional on the TT and consists of an interior auto-dimming mirror with compass display and driver- and passenger-side exterior auto-dimming mirrors.

"Nearly 70 different vehicle models worldwide offer three-mirror auto- dimming systems, which provide complete glare elimination," said Enoch Jen, Gentex Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. "These systems represent one of the fastest-growing safety technologies available today. We're proud to help Audi bring this technology to the TT, a vehicle known for performance driving when protecting driver vision is highly important."

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