We’ve all seen the television commercials where someone wakes up on Christmas morning and finds a new car parked in their driveway with a fancy red bow tied on top. Is it just a TV fantasy? Actually, now is the best time of the year to get a good deal on a vehicle, says Ben Freeland, founder of the innovative online used car dealership auto2auto.com.

Here are eight important tips to keep in mind if you’re shopping for a vehicle this holiday season.

8. IT’S DEAL TIME: The new models have just come out, so pre-owned vehicles have just seen their largest drop in values for the year. The year-end is coming, yearly quotas are due, dealers need to reduce inventory, and business is relatively slow; so auto retailers will have their most aggressive prices, and the staff will have time to be attentive to your needs. Unlike other products that see their prices fall immediately after the holidays, now is the best time to get a good deal on a car.

7. JUST IN CASE: Just as you would with any other gift, make sure you keep the receipt and purchase the vehicle from a company that has a return policy in case the person you are giving the car to wants to exchange it.

6. BUY SMART: Consider buying a certified used vehicle instead of a new one. You will give that someone special all the benefits of a new car, for a much less expensive price. And you may want to move them into an upgraded model or add some features for the savings difference. For additional peace of mind, most certified vehicles come with warranty coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

5. MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF: Buy from a dealership that makes the process easy. You don’t need to waste hours of time and get frustrated during the hectic holiday season. You should consider a No-Haggle pricing dealer, easy trade-in process, and financing options to fit your circumstances. There are more options than ever before to keep it simple.

4. SELECT THE RIGHT VEHICLE: Just as you would consider a person’s personality and sense of style when buying them a sweater or winter coat, think about the person you are buying the vehicle for. What do they like best about their current car; what do they like least? What cool features have you seen them take notice of in commercials or in other vehicles? Now, try to select a vehicle you think will work for them and excite them. You should buy from a dealer with a large selection so you don’t end up having to go all over town to find the right car.

3. SPECIAL DELIVERY: Have the dealer include a BIG red bow, then sneak the vehicle out and park it in a special place. Wrap the key in a jewelry box. You can always have the dealer hold the vehicle until you are ready for the big day. Some online dealers can even deliver to other states at no charge.

2. CAPTURE THE MOMENT: Be prepared to take a picture right when they figure out they received a car for Christmas. It will probably be a much better “reaction shot” than when they tasted Aunt Ethel’s fruitcake.

1. HAVE FUN: You should enjoy picking out the car as much as they will enjoy receiving it. Have a happy holiday season.

Source: www.theautochannel.com

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