Official Look: Toyota Auris Concept Points to Next Corolla
The original Toyota Corolla, unveiled in 1966, helped the Japanese company become a global force to be reckoned with. Now the Auris will replace it, and the new model made its debut in the form of the Auris Space Concept at the Paris Motor Show.

More than 30 million Corollas were sold worlwide in the past four decades. Toyota's popular family car eclipsed the Ford Model T and the Volkswagen Beetle and Golf in total sales volumes. Now in its ninth generation, the Corolla is manufactured on four continents and sold almost everywhere.

Next spring comes a brand-new model to replace the Corolla, and the Auris Space Concept provides us a glimpse.

Designed by Toyota's European design studio, ED2, the Auris aims to become a more upmarket model than its predecessor. In the European market, it will compete against the Volkswagen Golf and the Alfa Romeo 147. Its styling inherited some cues from the new Yaris, but it also received some neat individual touches such as the interesting shape of the central console.

A few technical details had already been released; it is understood that there will be both hatchback and sedan versions.

Meanwhile, what of the Corolla name? Toyota Sales and Marketing Vice President Andrea Formica assures that Toyota "won't let such an important nameplate disappear."

What this means to you: Judging by the enthusiastic reaction at Paris, Toyota's new family car will offer one thing the Corolla never could: the ability to stir emotions.

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