The new Volvo C30: Young, dynamic people with intense lives get 'a Volvo of their own'

With the new C30, Volvo makes its debut in the segment for two-door premium cars.
The sporty design, with two doors, four individual seats, and a glass tailgate, aims to give a young and dynamic group of customers “a Volvo of their own.”

“The new C30 aims for a group of young singles, or couples, with a intense urban lifestyle. These people prioritise
excitment in design and driving characteristics, and this car is designed to suit their taste and lifestyle,” says Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President, Brand, Business and Product Strategy at Volvo Cars.

During the development phase of the C30 project, Volvo Car Corporation has organised customer clinics in a number of European countries. People living in urban areas with accelerating careers and an intensive lifestyle were invited to judge the car’s design and technical content.

Volvo has focused primarily on singles, or couples without children who see the car as an entertaining tool for keeping up with their intense lives. When they buy clothing, home furnishings, or electronic devices, design and brand are very important factors – and they choose cars in the same way.
“These are customers who move between their homes, the office, meetings, the gym, and to their favourite spots around town at a fast pace. This group prioritises exciting design and exhilarating driving characteristics, and for the most part there are not more than two people in the car,” explains Håkan Abrahamsson, Project Director for the C30 project. He adds:
“It is important to point out that this is a question of lifestyle rather than age. When the children grow up and move out, you also have time and money for an active and fast-moving life. Therefore, we believe that next to the great part of younger customers, a considerable share of the C30’s volume will be bought by so-called ‘empty-nesters’. Another appealing possibility, of course, is that the C30 will be the second car for families with children.”

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