Mazda asks lett chief and company car drivers: are you 'Zoom - Zoom' enough to take the challenger?Almost 500 fleet decision-makers, user-chooser drivers and key staff at contract hire and leasing companies are to take-up Mazda’s ‘Zoom-Zoom Challenge’ in November as the fast-growing fleet manufacturer bids to further increase its market share.

To be held at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire on November 7, 8, 9 and 10, the ‘Zoom-Zoom Challenge’ will see the Mazda brand experience delivered directly to customers, potential
customers and industry influencers.

On each of the four ‘Zoom-Zoom days’ attendees will be able to drive the Mazda MX‑5, Mazda6 MPS, Mazda RX-8 PZ and the new MX-5 Roadster Coupe around a high-speed bowl and on Millbrook’s well-known alpine circuit. The 120 people split into morning and afternoon sessions each day will also test the handling characteristics of the Mazda range on a driving dynamics course as well as be put through their paces on a short timed race circuit.

‘Zoom-Zoom Challenge’ attendees will also have the opportunity to take the controls of a helicopter, experience off-road racing and take to the sky on a trampoline in true Zoom-Zoom style.

This year, Mazda expects to sell 17,500-18,000 fleet units out of a total volume of around 50,000 registrations. Last year Mazda sold a total of 45,706 vehicles in the UKof which 15,998 vehicles went to fleets.

Mazda fleet and remarketing director Adam Pumfrey said: “Over the four-day ‘Zoom‑Zoom Challenge’ programme we want customers and prospects to directly sample the Mazda brand experience.

“Mazda has been particularly successful in growing fleet sales through its value for money philosophy, which sees sporty and hi-spec models proving attractive to company car drivers and user-choosers, while class-leading wholelife costs and residual values appeal to fleet operators.

“While some of those attending will be existing customers, many people will be experiencing the Mazda brand and product range for the first time. We have identified these people and their companies and they have agreed to take up the ‘Zoom-Zoom Challenge’, which we hope will lead to long-term business partnerships.

“While this is the first ‘Zoom-Zoom Challenge’, we hope to make it an annual event for fleet decision makers to have fun with the Mazda product and build up a cult following.”

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