Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Extreme Tire Grabs Two SEMA AwardsDunlop's new Direzza Sport Z1 extreme performance tire received two SEMA International New Product Awards in Las Vegas.

A panel of international media judges selected the street-legal tire at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center. In separate awards, Australia's "Hot 4s & Performance Cars" and Greece''s top enthusiast publisher Option Press recognized the Direzza Sport Z1 tire.

Andy Traicoff, in accepting the SEMA awards, said the new tire features race-like characteristics for drifting, on-track and autocross motorsports and is "a true enthusiast tire. 'Hot 4s' and the Option Press both focus on performance over 'show or style,' and it's nice that they understand the performance credentials of the Direzza Sport Z1.

"This new product is for enthusiasts who want maximum dry-weather traction on the street or at the track," Traicoff said.

Developed and built in Japan for professional drifting, the Direzza Sport Z1 delivers high grip, excellent control and consistency. The extreme performance tire will be available in 17 sizes, beginning in April or May 2007.

The two SEMA international awards are firsts for Dunlop tires.

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