Bang & Olufsen Incorporates Cutting Edge Sound System into the New Audi R8

Bang & Olufsen, the world wide provider of exclusive, high quality audio and video products, proudly introduces its second custom-made audio system for Audi Corporation, in its special debut of the new Audi R8 sports car.

Since 2005, when Bang & Olufsen introduced its first Advanced Sound System customized for the Audi A8 and S8, it has been receiving worldwide industry accolades and recognition for its dynamic listening experience. For example, it was voted ''best sound system'' by a jury of 69 automotive journalists at the Auto Interiors Show in Detroit surrounding the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. Now, Bang & Olufsen has developed yet another exclusive audio system for the brand new sports car, Audi R8.

The joint vision of Audi and Bang & Olufsen, is to give the market the best sound system for the ultimate sports cars. Audi delivers the sports car, and Bang & Olufsen delivers the sound system. The result was presented at the giant motor show 2006 Paris Mondial de l''automobile beginning September 28 until October 15. Its North America debut will be held at the Audi Forum opening on Wednesday, October 11.

The Bang & Olufsen Sound System has been developed, designed and crafted especially for the Audi R8, and that goes for both the visual experience and the sound performance. The Bang & Olufsen Sound System for R8 has 12 loudspeakers driven by 10 discrete channels of amplification and digital signal processing, producing a total amplifier power of 465 watts. And of course the technology is supported by a unique visual design featuring machined and anodized aluminium details -- enhancing the attractive interior of the R8.

Key words for the Audi R8 are fascinating design, outstanding sportiness and unrestricted driving enjoyment. Consequently, the Bang & Olufsen Sound System is designed so that engine noise is compensated for, but not eliminated by the music. This is the case especially during acceleration to ensure that driver and passenger achieve the best possible driving experience.

At the same time, Bang & Olufsen guarantees an outstanding sound experience.

"We are very happy about expanding the cooperation with Audi. And we are really excited to present a Bang & Olufsen Sound System tailor-made for such a fantastic car as the Audi R8. Today, you can buy very exclusive sports cars with sound systems that don''t reflect the same value. We believe, however, that those interested in high-end sports cars deserve a good sound system in their cars as well. With this new sound system we introduce a new variant of our automotive sound systems and demonstrate our ability to tailor-make Bang & Olufsen systems for different types of cars," says Jens Peter Zinck, Managing Director, Bang & Olufsen Automotive.

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