Five years ago, Cadillac's renaissance as a luxury brand hit full speed with the opening of Lansing Grand River (LGR), a state-of-the-art assembly plant that showcased the latest in manufacturing technology and labor-management cooperation. Today, GM, UAW, government and community leaders gathered at the downtown Lansing landmark to praise the LGR team members for their contributions to the plant, Cadillac and the greater Lansing area.

"In five short years, LGR has gone from a promise to a success story in the automotive industry," said Joe Spielman, vice president of GM North America Assembly and Stamping Operations. "Through dedication and hard work, the team at LGR proved that GM could produce world-class products that are cutting edge in design and technology and world class in quality and performance."

GM Impact on Lansing
Built and expanded at a cost of $707 million, Lansing Grand River also represents a renewed commitment by GM to the Lansing area. Since the plant's opening, GM has invested $330 million in a regional stamping center and $1.5 billion to build the Lansing Delta Township assembly plant, which starts producing crossover vehicles this fall. With more than 6,000 employees, GM's Lansing area annual payroll tops $500 million, with employees contributing $1 million out of their own pockets to charities and other causes.

The greatest return on investment GM has received to date is satisfied customers. LGR, which produces the Cadillac CTS, CTS-V, STS, STS-V and SRX, has been the recipient of numerous awards during the last five years. The site has been ranked the most productive luxury car plant in North America in 2003, 2004 and 2005, according to the annual Harbour Report on productivity. Additionally, J.D. Power and Associates bestowed its Silver Plant Award on Lansing Grand River in 2003 and the Gold Plant Award in 2004 for having the highest initial quality of all assembly operations in North and South America.

"The top-quality, high productivity accomplishments of the UAW workforce at Lansing Grand River demonstrate that a high-road strategy - with good wages, job security and a strong union contract - is a proven path to success in today's global economy," said UAW Vice President Cal Rapson, who directs the union's General Motors Department.

Role in Cadillac Renaissance
Lansing Grand River's role in the renaissance of the Cadillac brand also cannot be overlooked, said Jim Taylor, general manager of Cadillac. "The plant has been instrumental in Cadillac's success," Taylor said. "Top-notch manufacturing is a core aspect of the finest luxury auto brands. Precise quality and craftsmanship were the founding principles of Cadillac in 1902. Lansing Grand River extends that tradition into the future." For instance, the 2007 SRX sports a completely redesigned interior and the STS-V features leather interior components that are cut, sewn and wrapped by hand.

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